... My mother went to school for fashion design and she went nuts for Muggsy’s jacket! The cut, fit and fabric... she said it was exceptionally made! Just thought you should know it’s super appreciated!
— Pamela & Muggsy
I’m definitely a fan of your design! Aside from good quality, I think your patterns and colors are quite distinctive. There are so many dog clothes out there but I feel like I’d still be able to recognize a P&L coat or shirt if I see it w/o having to check the label.
— Jenny & dogs Lucy, Max & Olive
Love the coat we got! It’s the only one she has that doesn’t fall off. Thanks for making great coats for big dogs… Best coat ever!
— Elizabeth & Clara
There is a lot of noticeable craftsmanship that went into these tee shirts. From the double-layer on the neck to the textile ribbon. Jonathan can be picky and prefers luxury - he gets very excited when he is draped in the pima cotton shirts. His friend Seth was so “jealous” that we had to give one to him as well!
— Jeremy & Jonathan
We absolutely love the quality and craftsmanship of Paco & Lucia coats! The material is super soft and durable and it fits perfectly on Pica. Thanks!
— Jin & Pica
The jackets from Paco & Lucia are really special. From the thoughtful packaging to the vibrant design details and stitching, it’s pretty clear that they’re not your ordinary dog jackets. The fabrics are rich in color, luxurious to the touch and machine washable. Best of all, they fit my corgis perfectly! I would definitely recommend these jackets for any dog or cat. Thank you Paco & Lucia!
— Anna J.
You can feel the love that went into these jackets. Each one is a piece of art.
— Kelly & Arjuna
I just love everything about Sansa’s Paco & Lucia coats! The vibrant colors to the super soft warm fleece lining and attention to detail. She can run, jump and do all the crazy stuff dogs like to do in her coats. They keep her warm, dry and stylish. Sansa can be hard to fit and the additional size option of the 21S gives her a perfectly tailored fit. These coats are everything!!
— Andrea & Sansa
 …Being outside is normally his priority, now even more so, especially in this crazy weather. It’s a wonderful feeling to reach beneath Pau’s coat and up his back, to feel the warmth.
— Christopher & Pau
I love these jackets, they’re just so buttery and soft!
— Bonnie M.
I’m a dog trainer and have worked with dogs for 14 years, and your coats are the most well made and gorgeous things you can get for your dog. They’re just stunning!
— Janine & Hope