... My mother went to school for fashion design and she went nuts for Muggsy’s jacket! The cut, fit and fabric... she said it was exceptionally made! Just thought you should know it’s super appreciated!
— Pamela & Muggsy
I’m definitely a fan of your design! Aside from good quality, I think your patterns and colors are quite distinctive. There are so many dog clothes out there but I feel like I’d still be able to recognize a P&L coat or shirt if I see it w/o having to check the label.
— Jenny & dogs Lucy, Max & Olive
…Being outside is normally his priority, now even more so, especially in this crazy weather. It’s a wonderful feeling to reach beneath Pau’s coat and up his back to feel the warmth.
— Christopher & Pau


Helping animals in need is very important to us.

We donate a portion of sales to the Abandoned Pet Project and work closely with our local shelter, the Ulster County SPCA.

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